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Tianhong machinery

Tianhong machinery successful case

Custom lift equipment
Customized non-standard lifting equipment

Our company specializes in the production of lift,
The lifting platform lifting elevator, cllimbing,
We have a group of experienced designersbr> Customized according to your actual situation
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High quality lifting equipment
Cost-effective supply of lifting equipment

Equivalent quality, product benefits 15-20% left
Right, to reduce the cost of middlemen, direct shipments to customers
We go beyond the self, to provide more quality technology
Allow customers to buy the rest assured.

After sales service team
Efficient and timely after-sales service team

We have more than 20 customer service team, customer service team is equipped with special vehicles, electricians, welders, skilled workers, to solve your fault, so you never worry about.

Quality Assurance
Strict quality management system

Only by constantly improving the quality of products, to meet the requirements of customers, the enterprise can also be developed, which is the purpose of our eternal pursuit.


How can they say Tianhong machinery


We specialize in the production of lift equipment

  Ji'nan Tianhong Machinery Manufacturing Co. Ltd. is a company lifting equipment R & D, manufacturing, sales, installation and service in one of the. Using high technology, specializing in aerial work platform, lifting elevator, lifting stage, Aluminum Alloy lifting platform, goods Taiwan adjustment board, cllimbing hydraulic design and customized logistics equipment and other products. Relying on excellent technology, modern equipment, standardized management, accurate brand positioning and perfect marketing service network, steadily enhance the Tianhong machinery business, product sales network covering the whole country, become one of the lifting equipment has the development potential of domestic enterprises.
  The company is located in the hinterland of the Pearl River Delta, Ji'nan city "crisped grass carp" township of Dongsheng Town, the geographical position is superior, the traffic is convenient. Enterprises adhering to the "integrity, service, innovation, professionalism, team, quality," the core values, has always been committed to become the world's outstanding energy saving platform for the overall solution provider.
  The product has the advantages of novel design, reasonable structure, stable lifting, load safety, simple operation, convenient maintenance and so on. Quality lifeline runs through every process, product from research design to engineering application, from installation to service are strictly controlled. Pay attention to every elevator equipment to build the perfect science and technology integration, performance and price of the ideal concurrently, so customer satisfaction……更多>>

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